Links: Novels/Novellas/Collections

These markets seek (or at least accept) longer works, and do not require agents.

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ChiZine Publications
Their motto is “Embrace the Odd.” Seeks weird, subtle, surreal, disturbing horror, science fiction, fantasy. Accepts novels, novellas, and short-story collections. ChiZine is a “World Fantasy and British Fantasy Award” winner. Their guidelines page specifies their requirements and their different imprints. No mention of payment is offered; however, deeper digging may turn this up. Perhaps they wait for a contract to make this clear. Worth a look.

Small house, as in run by one person. Books and anthology submissions are closed (as of January 2018), but chapbook submissions is open. Small payment in English pounds as well as copies. Looking for horror, magical realism, surreal, slipstream. Read submission guidelines carefully.

The Fantasist
A new market with Patreon supporters. Their “want” list is intriguing, eclectic and long. Themed issues. Check out their website for details. novella-length works — 15,000-40,000 words. No multiple submissions, but simultaneous submissions are fine. Pays $100 per story, but rights purchased are complex. READ CAREFULLY.

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