Archived Writings

In sorting through my files of past-penned works, I decided to share some here. Remember, these are all old. Almost all are non-fiction. Some come from a time when I published and edited a periodical for the Earth Religions community. Many are spiritual in nature, though that part of my life is always fluid, always evolving.

Writing a blog and keeping it going has been difficult, as you will see in the now-defunct posts from a 2013 blog of mine, 48 Slaves. Be warned; what you read in those pages may (hopefully will) change your purchasing habits. I started a second blog around the same time, Playing Through, for which I never posted a second time but in which I might post again.

Time is 4-letter word, and I struggle to find enough of it to keep my on-line presence regular-ish, while still devoting a reasonable amount of time to my family, my day job, and my current writing projects. That said, I’ll add more of my past works as I can. Check the “Archived Writings” category further down the left-hand menu bar for updates.