It’s Been How Long?

Wow … I just realized it’s been a whole month since I posted – Sorry y’all! It’s been a crazy few weeks and the time just got away from me. (Read “Finding Time to Write,” also posted today.)

Truth is, in the last month, I finished a tiny revision on my novel and sent it out to Beta Readers (thanks to those dear, loving souls!). I finished one short story, revised another, and am writing two new ones (yes, both at the same time). I’m querying three short stories to various magazines, as well as preparing my novel to submit to yet another querying process.

In the meantime, I read every chance I get. I tried my best to read Too Like the Lightning, by Ada Palmer, but at 52% of the way through, I still had little or no idea what the heck was going on. (Look for a partial review coming soon.) So I cut my losses and started Stephen King’s On Writing, which is one of the most excellent books on writing I’ve ever read. I subscribed to Ploughshares magazine, a publication to which I’d dearly love to submit (and be accepted), and read every single word of my first issue. I also subscribe to Analog, and have read most of the May issue. I’ve read online ‘zines, too. In the beginning, it was an effort to find out what sorts of stories they’d print. But there are so many good e-zines out there! It was hard to stop reading! I’ll add their links to my links page ASAP.

In the meantime, I finished out the last two sessions of my Fiction Workshop at The Muse Center, both of which involved homework that filled an evening (or two). And those are just the writing activities.

So I’ve been a little busy. Still, bad Drema – no cookie! I promise to try and do better to keep up the pace here on my site, too. I’d like to post weekly, and will try to make Mondays my website night; stay tuned to see if I can make that work.

Thanks for sticking with me.

3 Replies to “It’s Been How Long?”

  1. Drema, lovely to get an email notification that you’ve posted on your blog. Hurray! And I am always interested in reading about what other writers are reading and writing. I’m about to start another Faulkner (“Go Down, Moses”), some of which I’ve already read, for a two-person “book club”, which means we get together once a month, eat junk food, and talk about the book we’ve chosen. I have just finished a most remarkable thing–a novel. I, who have been so sure I couldn’t write fiction that, for about fifty years, I never tried. This one I’ve written with a friend–very interesting experience for two strong personalities. And we have a second one in the works. Go figure, and thanks again for getting my brain going this morning.

    1. Congratulations on finishing a novel! That is an enormous undertaking, definitely not for the faint of heart! Please do let me know when you get it out on the market; I’d love to read it!

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