First-Timer’s High

Bobby and I were on vacation when my first short story came out. As I said last week, I knew it was coming, just not when. To say we’d been checking the website every hour is not exactly an exaggeration. When PayPal announced receipt of payment from the publisher, I was ecstatic, but it was nothing compared to seeing my story appear online.

My first ever published work. If you’re a writer, you can imagine (or if you’re published, you know) my excitement. That moment sort of eclipsed any other plans I’d had to write this morning. I tried. I sat at the computer and typed words, but it was crap. I haven’t deleted it yet; some of it might be salvageable, but I expect I need to just walk away, do something else to distract my excitement, then come back to it later.

That’s the new plan, anyway.

In the meantime, check out my first published short story, “Last Call,” at