Dear God

Hello God, or Goddess, or Universe, or whatever name you wish to be called.

I don’t have any requests today. I just wanted to say hello. I just wanted to say that I know you are there, because I am here. I wanted to reiterate that I choose to believe you are behind what I see, think, feel, experience. Others here may argue that point, but they cannot prove me wrong. Belief, faith, is an experiential thing; if you don’t feel it, you can’t understand it.

I look out at the world with its seemingly infinite variety and beauty and majesty and I cannot help but feel awe, and a child-like wonder at the Intelligence behind it. My mind boggles to think that this is only what we see! What about the rest? The stuff that floats/flies/roams just outside the range of our senses, or beyond the reach of our telescopes and instruments?

Surely, God, you know what I mean. There must be things in your world, at your level of understanding that make you gape in awe, for isn’t that part of the joy of existence, after all? Surely even you experience Mystery — so vast that we limited physical beings could never even begin to glimpse Its presence — which cannot be explained or understood even by your level of understanding. If that is so, do you sit — as I am now — talking to the Intelligence behind what you perceive?

Does it answer? If so, do you hear?

I believe, God, that there is far more to Truth that we have imagined, and that we have known this from the beginning. I believe that it is only here, in this physical realm, where that greater reality disappears behind the illusions of separate existence, and we move through structured Time measured by hours and days and years. Please God, when my Time here is done, let me remember that larger Truth which I knew before.

Thanks for listening God. I’ll check in again tomorrow.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay