The Chronicles of Self-Publishing: 4th Part of My Journey

(or How I Did It, a “.doc”-umentary)

Part 4/?

In the last week or two of February, as well as all of March and April, I was far too absorbed with our move to even think about my manuscript. Instead, that time was spent searching for a new home, packing and sorting (our new home is smaller than our old apartment), the actual move itself, then the unpacking, sorting and placing, and settling in at our new place. Turns out homeownership takes just a wee bit more time than apartment living, but I’m not complaining. We love our new place!

So – to catch you up. In the last week, I’ve:

• Had a conversation with my cover and interior designer and come up with a release date. Entheóphage will make her debut on July 31, 2022.

• Had a conversation with fellow indie author, Dylan West, about his experience on the path to publication. (His book comes out May 30, 2022. Congrats, Dylan!)

• Got one last round of suggested changes from one of my medical resources and made a pass through for tweaks. Now I just need to re-read for continuity, and to be sure nothing essential got skipped or dropped.

• Created an account on the Bowkers page so I can buy ISBNs for this and my upcoming science fantasy trilogy, “The Founder’s Seed.” (Look for TFS in early 2023.)

• Created an author account with the Library of Congress.

• Re-read my front and back matter, and am now working to fill in the blanks on the copyright page.

That’s it, really, but it’s a lot, considering I haven’t been able to do much else in the last couple of months. There is a lot more to do, and we’re still unpacking–we just finished setting up our office yesterday.

My indie publishing refresher research begins tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll get Niveym Arts LLC’s website up and going soon, as well as my newsletter (for which I’m already gathering information) and my Facebook author page. I’m not completely decided yet, but I am considering keeping this site separate from my Niveym site, where I’ll be posting tidbits focused on readers, instead of other writers.

Stay tuned and know I’m wishing all the best to you in your self-publishing journey!

**Please note that I am not a professional. Outside the writing part—for which I have taken numerous classes and workshops, and for which I’ve seen enormous improvement over the years, but which I am still learning—I mostly have no idea what I’m doing. I’m reading everything I can get my hands on, looking at how others who have been successful have done it, and learning this process as I go. I don’t want any reader of these posts to think I’m teaching THE way to self-publish; there are as many ways to do this as there are writers on the path. I am only sharing how I have done it. Your mileage may vary.

Coffee and Conversation, by George Milton.

Moving, by Blue Bird.


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